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Sparta Youth teams get 5 titles

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Today, the FLBB announced officially that Sparta is declared Champion 2019-2020 of 5 youth categories. Even if the "Corona titles" are special and the season has not been finished, we are proud that 5 teams were leaders of the Championship after the season has been interrupted.

Our U14 boys dominated the last phase of the Championship and could beat their main opponent Steinsel by 27 in March, after losing in December. A great team spirit and working ethic of the team helped them improve a lot and deserve this title. All the games against other opponents have been won clearly. It is the 6th title in a row for our U14 category and the 9th title in the last 11 years. Congratulations and good job!!

Our U14 girls won the title together with T71, because both teams were unbeaten in the last phase and did not play against each other. During the season, Sparta lost 2 times shortly against T71. The girls had a great season and could win against other strong teams of the league like Steinsel and Grengewald. Congrats girls. Keep on the good work! The U16 boys could win the tilte after beating BC Mess clearly in the final round, beating Musel Pikes by 43 and beating Racing by 2 with a strong finish. The U16 only lost 1 game in the season against Musel Pikes by 2 in the first phase and could improve a lot mentally and tactically. It is the 5th title in the last 7 years for Sparta. Congrats boys!! Our U18 Cadets could dominate the last phase by winning all games in a very clear way and win against their long-time rival Steinsel by 2 in a thrilling game. The team had to deal with some important injury problems but always had an answer on the court. It is the the 3rd title in the last 6 years. After 3 years without a championship in the U18, our Cadets could finish strong this season. Congrats boys. Our U22 Espoirs team could win the title for the second time in 3 years after losing last year in the final against Esch. This year they could beat their rival in the Playoff game and finished the final round at the first place. Unfortunately, only the final could not be played because it has always has been one of the highlights of luxemburgish Basketball with a lot of fans over the last years. Congratulations . BBC Sparta congratulates every member of the Championship teams. The results show, that our Sparteens youth program is paying off over the last decade. "Sparteens" is not only about winning in Luxemburg, all our teams also participate in international tournaments and camps with nice results and benefit of this experience for basketball and life. We don't want to forget all the other teams that did a great job in their respective division and worked hard all over the season. Not everyone can win the title, but everyone is working hard with passion and dedication in this fantastic sport. Many thanks to all players, coaches, volunteers, parents and everybody who is involved with Sparteens Basketball.

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