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Gameday 9 & 7

Our Ladies won their first game back after the break in Woltz.

Our Men won their first game after a 6 game losing streak against Larochette.

We want also again thank @spartinaikos for the support at our home game. Thank you guys

Here a statements from our two games presented by Ladies player Nicole Torresani and Men player Max Logelin

Nicole Torresani:

At the start of the game, we weren’t really in the game and didn’t play the way we normally do. We forced too many penetrations and shots. The opposing team did a good job on defense and scored a lot of points. That kept them in the game in the first few minutes.

After our coach’s timeout, we regained our concentration and started scoring and forcing our game on Wiltz. At the start of the second half, Wiltz got back into the game due to our mistakes, but we fought until the last second and ultimately won clearly. I’d like to personally thank the coach for always having faith in me and giving me lots of minutes. We will continue to work on ourselves and are already looking forward to the top game against the current champions Grengewald.

Max Logelin:

We started the game really bad with a 0-10 from the visitors but managed to come back as team and played really good together with a great defense which allowed us for many fastbreaks. We kept together as a team troughout the rest of the game. At the end of the last quarter they began to start a comeback but we kept on fighting till the end. We are happy to have won this game and it doesnt just feel good for us but for the whole club and supporters!

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