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U16 win 2 and lose 2 in Düsseldorf

Last weekend, our U16 boys team played a high level JBBL (Jugend Basketball Bundesliga) tournament in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The first game was very tough because our team had to adjust to the high level and quick basketball of JBBL Topteam UBC Münster. Our team struggled but fought til the end and lost by 40. The second game was already a lot better against Rist-Wedel. Our boys were dominating the whole game and were playing already a lot quicker and with less dribbling. At the end, we won the game by 15.

On Sunday morning, we played against USC Heidelberg, another high level JBBL team. The first quarter was quite a close game and our team was creating some very good offensive situations. Defensively, we started to adjust to the different screening actions of the opponent and improved the communication. At halftime, Heidelberg led by 11. Until the end, our team fought hard and lost at the end by 20.

The last game of the tournament was played against JBBL Team SEK Baskets (Stuttgart-Esslingen- Kirchheim). It was a close game during 4 quarters and in crunchtime, our team took the better decisions and showed that they have built up a strong physical level. At the end, our team wins it in the last minutes by 10.

Most of the JBBL teams recruit the best players of a region in Germany and play together in the U16 Bundesliga. For us it is very interesting to play a maximum against these teams that work in a very professional way.

All in all a very important experience for our Sparteens. Those international exchanges will improve our playing style and rhythm. Next to the basketball part, those experiences create a strong team chemistry which is important for a young basketball player and his development.

Many thanks to Art Giants Düsseldorf and organizer Sven Siemienowski for organizing such a tournament under these special Covid conditions.

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