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Sparteens girls and boys getting reading for the season

The season is coming closer for our youth teams and all teams are preparing the season in a professional way.

Our U18 girls team travelled to Leverkusen where they played against WNBL (First U18 Youth League Germany) team Rhein Ladies Hürth. Against a strong German team, the Cadettes had trouble to find their rhythm in the beginning and trailed 0-10. It was the first game after a long corona break&holidays and a timeout of coach Mike Feyder was necessary, to bring the girls back in the game. At halftime, the score could be reduced to 27-30. In the second half, a strong defense forced some turnovers of the german team and our girls took the lead, to win it at the end 58-57. A strong performance of the U18 girls.

Our U18 boys had a short practice camp in Bertrange and had a team building sleepover in the Youth hostel of Luxemburg city. Coach Chris Wulff had the whole U18 team to fix the team chemistry on and off the court.

On Sunday evening, the boys played against German NBBL team Gladiators Trier. In a strong performance in a good level basketball game, our team could win 71-68 and is looking forward to start the season.

Our U16 boys had a practice camp from Thursday to Sunday in the Youth hostel in Luxemburg city, to strengthen the teamwork and to fix the most important basketball routines. The Scolaires practiced 4-5 hours a day and had a lot of fun together.

Next weekend, the U16 team of coach Christophe Flammang will play a high level tournament in Düsseldorf, where they will face some german JBBL (Jugend Basketball Bundesliga) teams and the strong Belgian and Dutch teams Falco Gent and Apollo Amsterdam.

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