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Preseason trip to the Netherlands

Our Senior Men's team will leave on Saturday morning for a preseason trip to Holland, where they will face the two first league teams The Hague Royals and Feyenoord Rotterdam. The Hague is a brand new team and they will play their first season in Division 1. Feyenoord is a traditional club in Holland; since two years they are partnered up with the famous soccer team of Feyenoord. The basketball court is next to the soccer arena on the same domain.

On Saturday we will play The Hague (15h30) and on Sunday Feyenoord (15h00)

Coach Pascal Meurs points out the importance of this trip:

"Obviously it's an important step in our preparation. Those are two very strong professional teams of course. We are convinced that playing these foreign teams of this level will pay off for the team of Sparta.

Furthermore there's also a part of teambuilding in there. Leaving for the weekend with the team only makes the bonds tighter and helps us integrating the new players." will update you with some pictures and the results of the games.

Head coach Pascale Meurs

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