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Interview #2 Mike Feipel

Interview with Mike Feipel, who talks about his development at Sparta and about very interesting other topics. Thanks Mike for your time.

1. How are you spending your time during the Corona break and what role does basketball have during this period?

MF: First of all I had to get my mind of Basketball for 2-3 weeks after the season like usual. But I tried to stay fit by doing some workouts and going for a run on a regular base. After that the only thing I could really do Basketball wise was going out to get some shots up by myself or even sometimes with my father as a passer. In addition, I watched the Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” which woke up very fast the desire in me to be again on the court by myself. School wise I have a lot to do at home as my lectures are all online now.

2. How would you describe your personal development after your first three years in Sparta?

MF: The first season in Sparta I did not get many playing time which was not easy for a guy coming from another Total League club where he could grab a lot of minutes very early in his “career”. But I was still very young, and I think it was good to have found myself in such a situation. Over the last 2 seasons, my role on the team grew bigger, I got more responsibility and I could grab more minutes which helped a lot in my personal development.

3. What are your personal basketball goals for the future and which goals do you have with the team?

My personal goals are to continuously improve my game and to give everything I have to help out the team where I can. A personal and a team goal for me is to play some semi-finals or even finals in the next few years and on a long term a main goal is definitely to win a championship in some point of my “career”.

4. What is in your opinion the most important skill for a young player that wants to make it to the Total League?

In my opinion there are 2 very important skills a young player should have. Firstly, he should be able to give everything he has during the few minutes he will get in his first seasons, especially on the defensive end. Hustle is everything. Secondly, it is really important to have the ability to make the open shots (which helped me a lot too) to gain respect from your opponents because it isn’t easy as a young and weaker player as the older ones to penetrate to the basket.

5. As a first team player and member of our Fanclub Spartinaikos, can you describe the importance of the fans during the games?

Fans are so important for the game. They are responsible for the atmosphere in the gym and can change or increase the motivation of their team. Without them the hype during a game would be less even though as player you should always be hyped. Big shout-out to “Spartinaikos” who are doing their best job. I’m really hoping that fans will be allowed on the first game day because it would simply not be the same without them.

6. Who is your favourite NBA player and why?

My favorite NBA player of all time is Michael Jordan. He is simply the GOAT. Nowadays it is Giannis Antetokounmpo I would say. Even though he has not the best shooting abilities, he is so impressive to look at when he’s playing and destroying everyone under the basket.

To the whole Sparta family: “Stay safe and healthy! See you very soon!”

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