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International Sodexo Cup 2022

Sodexo Sparteens Cup is back. After 2 year of Covid break, we are very happy that our traditional international U18 tournament will take place again this year. This weekend, 12 U18 boys teams from Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Luxemburg will compete for the trophy.

In a strong final, the two German NBBL team from Bonn and Gießen showed their potential. Bonn wins it at the end by 20. In the game for the third place, Sparta beats Walferdange by 4. Here is the final classification:

1. Telekom Baskets Bonn/Rhöndorf

2. Gießen 46ers

3. Sparta Bertrange

4. Résidence Walfer

5. ION Waregem

6. Basket@Sea Oostende

7. Heroes Den Bosch

8. Wytewa Roeselare

9. Amicale Steinsel

10. Les Hennuyers

11. Falco Gent

12. Rennes TA Basket

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