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Coach Karl Abou Khalil and Partizan.

One of our coaches @coachkarlaboukhalil had the chance to to train with the Euroleague team Partizan Belgrade coach Zeljko Obradovic. We asked Karl a few Question which he all answered below.

Could you describe your experience with Partizan?

By far an unforgettable experience. I was with Partizan Belgrade, an Euroleague team and with the most decorated and respected coach Zlejko Obradovic for 2 weeks for the pre-season. Morning practice for 3 hrs and afternoon practice for 3 hrs.

What did you learn and what impressed you the most?

Of course I learned the X's and O's of basketball for sure and the way you work with players off court. Also how do they prepare physically by having every day 1 hr of practice in the weight room. What impressed me the most is the level of healthy competition between players and the level of professionalism. Very discplined always ahead of time working individually and then ready to start team practice.

What can you use from this experience for your daily work at Sparta?

It helped to be always prepared for practices and games. Always when you pla you practice you need to be as a coach mentally prepared for all the questions that might be asked by the players. Also there should be a purpose behind every drill you do. Coach Zeljko helped a lot on how to read the game and improve my decision makings during the game.

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